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Over the past 30 years, the Budapest Festival Orchestra have become regular guests in the world’s most prestigious concert halls. Whether in New York, London or Istanbul, they are always welcomed with open arms. However, Iván Fischer and the musicians of the BFO also want Hungarian audiences of all ages and social strata, people who might never have a chance to get to a concert hall, to enjoy their music. We want to reach out to children with disabilities, the elderly, families who cannot afford to buy tickets, new mothers pressed for time, and to church communities and residents of small towns and villages.

With this in mind, the Budapest Festival Orchestra organises two Community Weeks a season, during which the orchestra’s chamber ensembles play in nursing homes, child-care institutions, schools, churches and synagogues. We also want to give young people from less privileged backgrounds an opportunity to come to Budapest and join in a great musical festivity. That is why we created the Dancing on the Square project so that this year, once again, hundreds of disadvantaged young people will become “heroes for a day” as they dance to the orchestra’s music in Heroes’ Square (Hősök tere). We believe that music builds special relationships among people, and we want to enable as many people as possible to experience the positive effects of music. Let’s share the joy of discovery!

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Dates of the upcoming Community Weeks:
2-10 September 2019

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