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Make a film based on the music by Richard Strauss: Thus Spoke Zarathustra and perform it together with Iván Fischer and the Budapest Festival Orchestra!

The thoughts of Iván Fischer, world-famous conductor, artistic director of the Budapest Festival Orchestra, about the film to be made:

„I would like to ask students, or student groups to develop a film for Thus Spoke Zarathustramusic by Richard Strauss. Chapters of Nietzsche’s book with the same title might be useful to read, though the purpose is not to precisely illustrate the text of the book or the music in the film. You should rather present those feelings and impulses in your film which are created in the reader/listener by the text or the music. The film-makers shall rather express their own reflections the same way as Strauss did, who freely followed Nietzsche’s thoughts: the film shall manifest and visualise the atmosphere and, possibly, also the content of the music, but personally, creatively and freely…”

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