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Ki a leghíresebb élő magyar

Who's the most famous living Hungarian in the world, Ernő Rubik or Péter Zwack? Who do people around the world identify with Hungary?

Many reckon that Ernő Rubik, inventor of the Rubik’s cube that achieved world-wide fame, is the most well-known, but our imaginary list also includes Péter Zwack, famous for his Unicum. Interestingly, the reputations of both were based on their products.

We find many famous names in the field of sport too. Balázs Dzsudzsák currently playing at Dynamo Moscow is well known abroad, while Viktor Kassai is not exactly unknown amongst foreign sports fans either. The 36 year-old referee was in action just a few days ago at the Euro 2012 football championship. As the London Olympics draws closer many will probably recognise the name of László Cseh too, but we also have Hungary’s only Moto GP world champion, Gábor Talmácsi.

There are also a great number of famous Hungarians in the film industry. Oscar and Emmy winner Elemér Ragályi, or the person to whom we owe Basic Instinct, Rambo and Evita, Andrew G. Vajna. Imre Kertész received the Nobel Prize in Literature for his work “Fatelessness”, making him one of the most famous Hungarians.

But we cannot ignore the conductor brothers Iván Fischer and Ádám Fischer, both of whom work a lot abroad, in Europe and overseas, while the Festival Orchestra has travelled the world with Iván Fischer as well.