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The film competition announced by the Festival Orchestra and music director Iván Fischer for the music of Zarathustra has a winner!

The result of the film competition organised for secondary school pupils was announced on Sunday evening at the Palace of the Arts. The BFO asked the candidates to make a film for Richard Strauss’s symphonic poem entitled “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”. Alongside Iván Fischer in the jury were Miklós Jancsó, international film director, György Mór Kárpáti, young director, and György Markó, musician at the Festival Orchestra. Three winners were selected from the many films submitted, and the final order was decided by the members of the orchestra.

The first prize went to the Chestnut Group of Lauder Javne School: Luca Benke, Blanka Czakó, Sára Horváth, Anett Ladányi, Lea Lefkovics and Leila Matyók. The second prize was awarded to the BFK Group of ELTE Trefort Secondary School, and third place on the podium went to individual directors Panni Garai and Dani Huszerl.
The competition is set to be repeated in the coming years with a view to expanding it to national level.

Shortfilm about the Zarathustra Competition: http://www.bfz.hu/en/videos/kisfilm-a-zarathustra-galaestrol