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The Palace of Arts (MÜPA) and the Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund (MTVA) signed an agreement on 13 March

A weekly programme shall be launched on Duna TV titled MüpArt and MüpArt Classic, and as of 01 April, Akusztik + and Szimfonik + programmes further developing the Petőfi brand of channel MR2 shall be launched on channel m1. The expected number of listeners and viewers is about 100 thousand in the case of the radio and television broadcastings. The cooperation shall start on 15 March. The 62 programmes shall transmit one at a time of the concerts of the Palace of Arts performed during the past four years, while the programme sub-titled the Concert of the Month, which shall consist of eight transmissions, shall contain one of the new performances of the previous month. The programme called MüpArt shall be transmitted on Saturday evenings, and shall be characterised of light music, while the MüpArt Classic programme shall consist of classical music performances and shall be broadcasted on Thursdays, late in the evening, during prime time. The light music programme shall be opened with Bea Palya on 17 March, while the classical music programme shall start with the Tchaikovsky marathon, performed together with the Budapest Festival Orchestra.