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How to support?

The Budapest Festival Orchestra is one of Hungary’s most successful cultural initiatives. Many see the BFO as a true institution, playing a permanent and defining role in the musical world. But uniquely,  much of the orchestra’s costs are covered by its own foundation, meaning the fate of the BFO lies in the hands of those who contribute to its operations through their valuable support.

The corporate and civic collaborations  are key to allowing the Festival Orchestra to occupy an exceptional position in international music, while providing vital community-building and educational services to augment our world-class artistic performances.

Thank you for your support!


Individual Supporters

Over the years the orchestra has been surrounded and supported by enthusiastic friends and sponsors to whom we are extremely grateful. We thank them sincerely for their donations and trust that they have enjoyed many unforgettable concerts.

You can become a supporter too, enabling us to share the joy of music with an even wider audience!

Individual Donations
Supporters’ Club
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Foreign friends of the BFO

For partners

The BFO is a non-profit foundation, whose annual operation, varied concerts and programmes for children and young people are facilitated by the donations and sponsorship of many companies. We offer different sponsorship formats with mutual benefits for small and large companies alike, which means you can help us in a way that suits your company too. We seek and offer customized partnerships using the best of our capacities – for the mutual success!

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Corporate Sponsorship

Our projects

The Budapest Festival Orchestra is continually launching new projects which stem from the fields of interest of our musicians, and reflect the demands of our audience. Our programmes for educating young people and enabling their social integration are looking for supporters as much as our communitybuilding concert series, which brings music to small villages, or our grand season finale, the Dancing on the Square project in Heroes’ Square. Pick one and help us to make it happen!

Young BFO
BFO in the Community
Dancing on the Square