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Britten's children's opera, Noah's Flood, is scheduled to be performed on 5 and 7 September as part of the 2012 Mahlerfest in Budapest by members of the Budapest Festival Orchestra, the soloists and choir of the Budapest Singing School and music students. After the first joint singing rehearsal we spoke to the director and conductor of the production, who also teaches the children.

- More than 10 years ago I personally saw Noah’s Flood performed by the Budapest Singing School at the Academy of Music. Do I remember correctly that you were one of the child soloists back then?

- Yes, I did take part in the production. Once as one of Noah’s children, Jaffett, and then as a percussionist. I remember really enjoying that I could add to the dramatic and musically significant parts of the work with the cymbal or the gong… If I had been smaller I would probably have participated as one of the enthusiastic animals.

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