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Following the previous Dvorak, Beethoven and Schubert marathons, the Budapest Festival Orchestra organises another, all-day concert series on 26 February at MÜPA. This time, the protagonist is Wolfgang-Amadeus Mozart.

On 26 February, the audience shall listen to a symphony, concerto, chamber music, aria, and more over, the opera of Mozart composed in his youth, the Bastien and Bastienne. At the closing concert, the version completed by Süssmayer of Mozart’s Requiem shall be performed by the Festival Orchestra in collaboration with Saint Ephraim Male Choir and the Schola Cantorum Budapestiensis. The audience will have the pleasure to enjoy Mozart’s music both in the Bartók Béla National Concert Hall and the Festival Theatre, while in the performance hall concert and opera films shall be projected, including a very special marionette performance recorded in Salzburg. (The performance of Requiem can be seen and heard by those who could not get into the concert hall in live projection in the Festival Theatre. The price of the tickets is HUF 500. Tickets can be purchased at the secretariat of the orchestra, the ticket offices of MÜPA, and in the web-shop: www.jegymester.hu)

„Composers selected for the marathon had to be diligent authors. And Mozart was a very diligent author, and it is extremely easy to choose from his treasure-chest” –said Iván Fischer, music director of Budapest Festival Orchestra. „Mozart was a wise personality. In his operas there are others than good and bad. Even at the end of Don Giovanni, the sounds of forgiveness can be heard. He does not escape from the dramas, but treats them with wisdom, and the Hungarian audience is in great need of this wisdom now” –he added.

The programme of the Marathon is as follows:

Orchestral concerts

10.30 a.m. Béla Bartók National Concert Hall

Non temer, amato bene – concert aria K.490 + Piano Concerto in C Minor K.491
Symphony Orchestra of the Hungarian Radio
leader: János Rolla
soloists: Sébastian Droy (tenor), Alexei Lubimov (piano)

12.30 a.m. Béla Bartók National Concert Hall

Horn Concerto in E Flat Major K.447 + Symphony in G Minor, K.550
MÁV Symphony Orchestra
conductor: Gábor Takács
soloist: Zoltán Szőke (horn)

3.00 p.m. Béla Bartók National Concert Hall

Divertimento in F Major K.138 + Sinfonia Concertante in E Flat Major, K.364
Budapest Strings
artistic leaders: Béla Bánfalvi and Károly Botvay

soloists: Barnabás Kelemen (violin), Klára Kokas (viola)

5.00 p.m. Béla Bartók National Concert Hall

The Magic Flute – overture, K.620 + Symphony in C Major („Jupiter”) No.41.K.551
Orchestra of the Hungarian Opera House
conductor: János Kovács

7.00 p.m. Béla Bartók National Concert Hall

Ch’io mi scordi di te – concert aria, K.505 + Clarinet Concerto in A Major, K.622
Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra
conductor: András Vass
soloists: Eszter Wierdl (soprano), Ákos Ács (clarinet)

9.00 p.m. Béla Bartók National Concert Hall

Requiem, K.626
Budapesti Festival Orchestra, Saint Ephraim Men’s Choir, Schola Cantorum Budapestiensis
conductor: Iván Fischer
soloists: Gabriella Fodor (soprano), Viktória Mester (mezzo), Sébastien Droy
(tenor), István Kovács (bass)

Chamber Music concerts:

11.30 a.m. Festival Theatre

Sonata in F Major, K.377 + Sonata in B Flat Major, K.454
Vilmos Szabadi (violin), Márta Kovalszki (piano)

1.30 p.m. Festival Theatre

Bastien et Bastienne – opera, K.50
Lux Aeterna-Budapest Bach Consort
conductor and director: György Philipp
soloists: Andrea Csereklyei (soprano), Donát Varga (tenor), Kornél Mikecz

4.00 p.m. Festival Theatre

String Quintet in G Minor, K.516
Eckhardt String Quartet (Violetta Eckhardt – violin, Gábor Sipos – viola, Cecília Bodolai – viola, Rita Sovány – cello), Csaba Czenke (violin)

6.00 p.m. Festival Theatre

Flute Quartet in D Major, K.285 + String Quartet in D Major, K.575
Pulzus String Quartet (János Pilz – violin, Eszter Lesták-Bedő – violon, István Rajncsák – viola, Kousay Mahdi – cello), Gabriella Pivon (flute)

8.00 p.m. Festival Theatre

Gluck Variations, K.455 + Rondo in A Minor, K.511 + Rondo in F Major, K.494
Ferenc Rados (piano)