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fidelio.hu Malina János
Slowly but surely prominent Hungarian performers and ensembles are making themselves at home in BMC – on 25 April the contemporary music ensemble of the Budapest Festival Orchestra gave a concert here under the baton of Heinz Holliger, an outstanding personality in today’s music life. Holliger has several ties with Hungarian music, the decisive influence of Sándor Veress on him being the most important of them. What’s more, at the concert we heard soloists closely related to Kurtág and Eötvös, among others.

The concert program reflected this inasmuch as the opening piece was a late composition of Veress proving that the link between the master and his pupil was never broken; this was followed by a Holliger-transcription of a Schönberg composition, and two original pieces by Holliger. This way the audience of the concert listened to genuine contemporary music composed in the past three decades, but at the same time, with a gesture arching over a century, the concert paid tribute to Arnold Schönberg, a primary source of contemporary music.

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