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Levél, Takács-Nagy Gábor testvérének, Katinak

Dear Kati,

unfortunately yesterday we had a thunderstorm here in Paraguay and I could not be connected to the internet, I was quite unhappy the whole day because I couldn’t watch the festival Orchestra’s rehearsal with Gábor. This morning I got up at 3.20 a.m. and I could watch and listen this amazing music the orchestra performed. The Brahms made me cry. It was so great in Europe, I remember in April in Budapest the Festival Orchestra’s concerts at the Italian Institute and also in Pécs. Since that time I have been a great fan of this orchestra, I watch all of their online performances and also the rehearsals and their recorded videos.

This rehearsal today made my day, such a fantastic orchestra with this beautiful instruments, it is not a wonder I read all over in the international media, that this is the best orchestra of the world, no doubt about it. Tell Gábor please that I congratulate him and the orchestra.

Love Cecilia