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This time, the artists of the Budapest Festival Orchestra shall give a concert from the musical compositions of Joseph Haydn, Edvard Grieg and Ferenc Liszt during the additional three evenings of the worthily favourite concert series. (You should know about the “Haydn – Mozart Plus” concert series, that the soloists of this series are selected from the winners of the internally organised “Sándor Végh competition”.)

The “Holberg suit” of Edvard Grieg, the B-major Sinfonia concertante of Joseph Haydn and the Angelus! (Prayer to the Guardian Angel) of Ferenc Liszt and, finally, another musical composition of Joseph Haydn, the C-major symphony shall be performed.

The soloists of the evening are Violetta Eckhardt (violin), Péter Szabó (violoncello), Victor Aviat (obo) and Andrea Bressan (fagot). The conductor of the concert is Gábor Takács Nagy, the first guest conductor of the Budapest Festival Orchestra. The concerts shall be held at the Italian Cultural Institute and shall start at 19.45.

The programme will also be performed by the Budapest Festival Orchestra in the city of Veszprém and the Kodály Centre in Pécs.