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Gert wrote: "my hongarian is not very well, actually I don't speak a word, but the concert in antwerp desingel on sunday 21 okt, was absolutly mangificent!

the budapest festival orchestra is a fenomenon! their joy during playing, their perfection, their dynamics, the expressivness, the basses! the glorious violins! the hoorns! woodwinds…so intense as if it was chambermusic on a large scale! …liked the sofisticated orchestration of the farmersdances and the wonderfull performance of bartok’s violinconcerto, with the extraordinary jozsi lenday!, never heard of him…but what a virtuoso! he played by memory and with an ease as if he was shaving himself! wonderfull serasate or paganini like-encore! and dvorak was simply sublime! unforgetable! I liked the vocal surprise…dearing but funny! maestro fisher, hearing your BFO is a joy, an adventure, it is simple one of the world’s best orchestra’s!!! thanks for the brahms encore. always welcome in antwerp!”