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Wagner Fischer

Review on the Wagner CD (www.concerti.de)

Anyone with the privilege to have experienced the bliss it means to listen to Iván Fischer’s Budapest Festival Orchestra becomes nostalgic. For the sound of the orchestra’s spiritually earthly form embodies a musical ideal, which in the age of smooth polished surfaces seems almost forgotten. Instead of mere shine we receive depth and clarity reminiscent of Furtwängler.   The melodic phrasing, tempo and the torrent of music brings to mind Wagner’s famous words on the “delicate and profound art of transition.” Well, this is what happens here.   Nevertheless, Fischer’s Wagner image is not old-fashioned in the least.  Warmth and crisp richness in detail come together and are congenially conveyed. Enormous vitality and dramatic power are fused with lyrical intimacy. In Siegfried Idyll, Wagner’s music blossoms under Fischer’s masterful hands.  Enchanting.  The dark, mid-range tones of Petra Lang’s Brünnhilde harken back to the olden days, when Wagnerian heroines still had gravitas.