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About the program

The internationally renowned American conductor, who is musical director of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and lead conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, will conduct compositions that are connected to Hungary to prove that music does have a universal language. Considered a true cosmopolitan when it comes to 20th-century music, Robertson keeps the works of such masters on his repertoire as Boulez, Adams, Reich, Sylvestrov and Bartók.

Program of the Budapest Spring Festival.



3 300 HUF / 4 500 HUF / 5 900 HUF / 7 900 HUF / 9 900 HUF


Franz Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
Béla Bartók: Viola Concerto, Sz. 120, BB 128
John Adams: Harmonielehre


David Robertson


Julian Rachlin, viola