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About the program

J. Haydn: Symphony No. 1

Joseph Haydn composed the first pieces of his gigantic symphony oeuvre when he served Count Morzin, his first employer. Though Symphony No. 1 was also called the first of this genre by the composer himself, we cannot know for sure whether or not it really was the first, or this was the first to have survived, and whether amongst symphonies with a higher numbering there is one which was composed earlier. Nevertheless, what we do know for sure is that like several other early Haydn symphonies, this three-movement sy0mphony in D major was premiered in 1759 in Morzin castle in Dolní Lukavice.

W. A. Mozart: Piano Concerto in C minor

The piano concerto in C minor was first played on 7 April 1786 in the Burgtheater. Mozart included it in his records on 24 March, which means it was brand new. Among Mozart’s piano concertos there are only two in minor, which has always been an issue in the centre of attention. Some musicologists write about the “tragic” or even “demonic” features of the concerto in C minor, they talk about “dark explosions” and “the explosions of passion and dark, tragic sentiments”.

Beethoven: German Dances

Beethoven’s twelve German dances and twelve minuettes were composed for the occasion of the charity ball organised in November 1786 in the Redoutensaal in Vienna for the benefit of retired fine artists and orphans and widows of artists. The popularity of the two series has been unbroken ever since: the German dances belong to the frequently played pieces of Beethoven as a “composer of dance music”.

W. A. Mozart: Symphony in B major

The symphony composed in 1779 in Salzburg originally contained three movements, like the symphony in G major and C major, which were composed at the same time. This obviously reflects musical tastes in Salzburg. The Minuette was added by Mozart later on, most probably in 1782 in Vienna. The composition was also published in 1785 as the second piece of the Op.VII series.

BFO is the Orchestra in Residence of the Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall in 2014.


Joseph Haydn: Symphony no.1
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano Concerto no.24 in C minor, K.491
Ludwig van Beethoven: German Dances
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symphony no.33, K.319


Gábor Takács-Nagy


Dezső Ránki, piano