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About the program

For the opening concert of the season, our baroque ensemble and the internationally-renowned French early music specialist Hervé Niquet will be providing an insight into French baroque music, a real rarity for Hungarian concert-goers.

The long-lived André Campra was a significant French opera composer in the period between Lully and Rameau. One of the reformers of the genre, he began his career as a church musician then went on to become a priest and later a musketeer, before finally turning his hand to opera composition; by the end of his eventful life he had even risen to Inspecteur Général (director) of the Paris Opera. His most significant works were opéra-ballets, including Le carnaval de Venise. Selections from the orchestral suite arranged from that piece will feature in the beginning of the concert.

The concert offers a few movements from the famous Les éléments (The Elements) by Jean-Féry Rebel, who was a pupil of Lully. Rebel was also an accomplished violinist, which is what enabled him to perform the solo part of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. That composition was most likely the template for Les éléments, a “staged” or “choreographic symphony” which uses musical devices to describe the creation of the world in eleven movements.

Jean-Philippe Rameau was the most significant composer and music theorist of the post-Lully era. He only began composing operas at the ripe age of fifty, but over the following three decades he made up for the time he had missed and wrote operas prolifically. The second part of our concert will feature arias and instrumental excerpts from three Rameau works for the musical stage; the irresistibly witty comic opera Platée; the one-act Pigmalion, based on the work by Ovidius; and the opéra-ballet Les Indes galantes (The Amorous Indies).

This programme is part of the Bridging Europe festival.




4 400 HUF


André Campra: Le carnaval de Venise – excerpts from the orchestral suite
Jean-Féry Rebel: Les éléments – excerpts
Jean-Féry Rebel: Les charactères de la danse
Jean-Philippe Rameau: Pigmalion
Jean-Philippe Rameau: Platée
Jean-Philippe Rameau: Les Indes Galantes – excerpts


Hervé Niquet


Chantal Santon-Jeffery, soprano
Sigrid T’Hooft, baroque gesture