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About the program

“People who listen to classical music in their childhood will be happier throughout their lives.” (Iván Fischer)

A number of Budapest Festival Orchestra season ticket holders became fans of live classical music at one of the ensemble’s early Cocoa Concerts. It is only natural that their children form the core of today’s Cocoa Concert audience. The series can now look back over more than two decades of weekend afternoons of music and storytelling in a family atmosphere, introducing the world of music to a young audience.

This season, Iván Fischer and the musicians of the orchestra welcome children from 5 to 12 years of age – and, of course, their parents and grandparents as well. In these concerts Iván Fischer, András Hábetler and members of the orchestra introduce children to the secrets of classical music in an informal and interactive way. After the music and applause have died away, the young audience can queue up for polka-dot mugs of hot cocoa.

Cocoa Concert Season Tickets

In addition to the old Cocoa Concert Season Tickets, family season tickets are also available for committed concert-goers.


2 500 HUF

Season tickets

Cocoa (16.30) (2015/16)


Iván Fischer