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About the program

It is with one of Haydn’s most frequently played “Sturm und Drang” symphonies that this concert of the Haydn-Mozart series begins. Composed in 1771, it received the “Mourning Symphony” soubriquet only later, in the 19th or 20th century. Imbued with passion and pathos, it does indeed have a “Sturm und Drang” mood.

At the beginning of his career, Weber wrote a number of concertos for a variety of instruments. He enriched the then not-very-extensive literature for the clarinet, for instance, with three concertos. Weber’s Op. 26 clarinet concerto was presented in the spring of 1811 by the composer’s close friend, Heinrich Joseph Baermann. Upon seeing its great success, Maximilian I (Maximilian Joseph) of Bavaria commissioned two more concertos from the composer, who immediately complied. In November, Baermann presented the second concerto, in what Weber called in his journal a “divine performance”.

Mozart composed his six German Dances (K. 509) in February 1787, for a lavish ball in Prague, probably for a commission from Count Pachta. As the circumstances of their birth indicate, these are not stylized dances, but real dance music, which differed from the dance pieces of his Salzburg period both in orchestration and character.

Two years separate the opening and closing pieces of the concert. The symphony in C major that the 17-year-old Mozart composed in Salzburg was grander and more ambitious than the other symphonies he wrote at the time. He added a minuet to the three movements of the Italian overture, and he closed each of the four movements with a significant coda.

Sándor Végh Competition
The biennial competition that the Festival Orchestra organizes for its musicians was named after Sándor Végh. One of its purposes is to provide the participating orchestral musicians with an opportunity to present themselves as soloists. The winners go on to be featured as soloists in the Haydn-Mozart Plus series.


2 500 HUF / 3 500 HUF / 4 400 HUF / 6 300 HUF / 10 500 HUF

Season tickets

Reiner B (2014/15)


Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 44 in E minor (“Mourning”), Hob. I:39
Carl Maria von Weber: Clarinet Concerto No. 2 in E flat major, op. 74
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: German Dances, K. 509
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symphony No. 28 in C major, K. 200


Gábor Takács-Nagy


Roland Csalló, clarinet

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