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About the program

Legend has it that Jean-Marie Leclair and Pietro Locatelli met in the Kassel court and gave a concert together in 1728. The witness, of questionable reliability, to whom posterity owes the account was Jacob Wilhelm Lustig, an organist. Among other things, we are informed that Locatelli kept grimacing during the performance and occasionally shouted out, “Ah! What do you say to that?” After the concert, the court jester said that “both of them ran like rabbits up and down the violin, [Leclair] playing like an angel, [Locatelli] like a devil.” It is now impossible to tell whether memory served Lustig well enough.

It is, by contrast, a fact that the Baroque ensemble of the Festival Orchestra will now perform some impressive works by the star composers of the first half of the 18th century: the Italian Locatelli (a virtuoso of the violin and the flute) and the French Leclair (a superb violinist), both disciples of Corelli, as well as the German Telemann. Each left an oeuvre of considerable importance to posterity. They also shared the fate of a fading renown after their death, until the growing interest in antique music brought them back to the limelight.

Handel’s cantata, the second part of the programme, is a less frequently played part of a generally well-known oeuvre. It belongs to the Italian period of the young composer, who wrote it in Naples in 1708. It is one of the last cantatas from Italy. Belgian choreographer-director Sigrid T’Hooft, a leading expert on Baroque gestures who has already worked with the BFO, also makes a contribution to the production. She teaches contemporary stage gestures to the artists performing the cantata, which is not only a source of interest, but also helps the audience towards a more complete appreciation of the music and its moods.


2 500 HUF / 3 500 HUF / 4 400 HUF / 6 300 HUF / 10 500 HUF

Season tickets

Ormándy A (2014/15), Ormándy B (2014/15)


Pietro Antonio Locatelli: Il Pianto d’Arianna, Op. 7, no. 6
Georg Philipp Telemann: Concerto for Recorder and Flute in E minor, TWV 52:e1
Jean-Marie Leclair: Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 10, no. 3
Georg Friedrich Händel: Apollo and Daphne


Jonathan Cohen


Anna Lucia Richter, soprano
Nathan Berg, baritone
Stephanie-Marie Degand, violin
Anneke Boeke, recorder
Michael Schmidt-Casdorff, flute
Sigrid T’Hooft, baroque gestures