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About the program

“Honestly, it seemed like only five minutes had passed! People gazed around in astonishment as they tried to pull themselves together. The concert was suddenly over. As my watch informed me, what has passed took not five minutes, but the scheduled one hour—and still, I was blinking like the others. Classical music is cool, and if you consider only the Midnight Music series, the Budapest Festival Orchestra has already proved as much on eight occasions. As you step inside, the auditorium seems like a merry day centre, with people sitting and lying all over the place, walking around and falling over one another. Some have instruments with them, others just lie around. Someone in the middle is waving to a friend to come over, but fails to catch his attention. Iván Fischer, who stands nearby, uses his microphone and repeats the call word for word. The friends unite, and the crowd laughs. They keep laughing, probably because they cannot believe a concert of classical music can really be this relaxed. Yet, it can, and this enchants and liberates everyone,” reads one enthusiastic account of a midnight concert by the Festival Orchestra. Since there are people who like to listen to music late in the evening, there are others, luckily, who like to play late at night.
It is now a tradition that the Festival Orchestra plays some of its concert programme to a young audience after the “regular” concert, starting around midnight. To its midnight concerts, the BFO welcomes those who are open-minded, who love the arts and special experiences, and who don’t turn in early. These are no common concerts. They start very late; the tickets are for bean bags, not seats; you don’t have to dress up; and, in addition to music performed at the highest possible standard, there are short, accessible and amusing talks on the programme that facilitate the understanding of the music to be heard. Ride your bike to the event and get a 30% discount from the admission fee!


1 500 HUF


Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 4


Iván Fischer