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About the program

The musical roots of one of today’s most significant and influential composers and performing artists (oboist and pianist-conductor), Heinz Holliger, branch out to Hungary: perhaps one of his most important masters was Sándor Veress, whose works are popularised by Holliger at any opportunity. He has long-standing connections with the Festival Orchestra, having conducted the BFO many times; what is more, he also made a recording with the orchestra of works by Veress.

Veress: Orbis tonorum

“The music of Veress – in spite of its simplicity – is sometimes very difficult to absorb. On the first hearing it sometimes sounds insignificant and negligible. It takes time and effort to explore its richness. When we take a closer look at it, we suddenly realise how great this music is, full of hidden beauties; they are not obvious, they don’t come towards you, you have to go and search for them” – wrote the young György Ligeti about the music of his master. “Orbis tonorum” composed for a chamber orchestra is one of the last completed works by Veress: it was composed in 1986. According to musicologists it is the musical testament of the composer. Veress applied a different compositional technique to compose each movement, yet the cycle as such forms a closed unit.

Schönberg: 6 little piano pieces

The 6 little piano pieces of Arnold Schönberg composed in 1911 is a series of compositions, short as aphorisms. “My music has to be short. Tight!” – wrote Schönberg in 1909 to his colleague, Ferruccio Busoni.

Heinz Holliger: META ARCA for strings

Heinz Holliger is also strongly related to chamber orchestra Camerata Bern. The ensemble celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in the 2012-2013 season; Heinz Holliger was commissioned on this occasion to compose META ARCA (the title is an anagram of the word “Camerata”). In the composition, the composer drew musical portraits of the seven leaders of the orchestra.

Heinz Holliger: Janus – double concerto for violin, viola and small orchestra

At the premiere of Heinz Holliger’s double concerto in 2012, the violin and viola solos were played by Thomas Zehetmair and Ruth Killius. The piece was commissioned by the Salzburger Festspiele, it reflects the duality of human nature, the contrasts, the beginning and the end, yin and yang: the Roman God in the title embodies all these contrasts.


3 000 HUF


Sándor Veress: Orbis Tonorum
Arnold Schönberg: 6 little piano pieces, Op.19, orchestrated by Heinz Holliger
Heinz Holliger: META ARCA for strings
Heinz Holliger: Janus. Double concerto for violin, viola and small orchestra


Heinz Holliger


Muriel Cantoreggi, violin
Genevieve Strosser, viola