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About the program

Tickets for each concert are 990 Ft. Buy tickets for three events, and the fourth is free!

The Budapest Festival Orchestra and the MÜPA established a tradition in 2008 with reviously unknown type of concert in Hungary.Music lovers, friends, admirers now enthusiastically pencil in the day of the Marathon in their calendars as a day, when they can immerse themselves in the most popular pieces of their favourite composers. Traditionally, the majority of the audience are true connoisseurs who sit through each and every concert of the Marathon.

For the Marathon of 2014 Iván Fischer has chosen one of the geniuses of music history, Johann Sebastian Bach, to be the highlighted composer the exact programme of the day is expected to be published in November 2013, so keep an eye on the BFO website!

When Mozartvisited Leipzig in 1789 he was invited to the school of the Thomas Church, by Johann Friedrich Doles, church conductor and a former Bach student. For this outstanding guest from Vienna, Doles had the choir sing the motet Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied. Mozart, who might have known only a few pieces by Bach, is said to have cried out in surprise and joy: “Wow, this is something we can learn from!”

Beethoven playing upon Bach’s name (Bach = stream in German) said that he should not be called a stream but rather a sea. Berlioz exclaimed “Bach is Bach, as God is God”and according to the objective statement of philosopher Isaiah Berlin, the angels play Bach when they play to God (before adding, admittedly, that when the angels play to themselves they play Mozart…). And this line of quotations could be continued indefinitely.



990 HUF


Bach Marathon

artistic director

Iván Fischer