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About the program

The Budapest Festival Orchestra made its debut at Christmas 1983 at the Academy of Music, featuring Zoltán Kocsis, conducted by Iván Fischer. The jubilee concert celebrating the 30th anniversary of the overwhelmingly successful and amazing first concert will be organised in the spirit of spontaneity: its programme is a secret and will take even the orchestra and Iván Fischer by surprise.

During the three decades of its life the Festival Orchestra has experimented with various types of concerts. Some have proved extremely successful and popular with the audience. One such example is the secret-concert, where the programme is surrounded by conspiracy and silence, but at least the musicians know what it is. However, the programmes of the surprise concerts are completely unknown. It is the audience who votes and the programme evolves as a result of their voting. The music librarian arrives with a truckload of sheets, Iván Fischer enters into a dialogue with the audience and asks them to vote. The sheets of the winning compositions are distributed among the musicians and the music starts to play. These concerts are obviously different from others: they are not mature, meticulously worked out and rehearsed performances; they are pieces which have been in the repertoire of the orchestra, the musicians know them, but they have no recent memories of them. This is another type of encounter with compositions, there is something spontaneous and fresh about the way they play the pieces and rediscover them together with us, the audience.

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