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About the program

W. A. Mozart: Violin Concerto in G major

“Violin concertos occupy an extraordinary place in the oeuvre of Mozart. They were created by a self-confident, oft exuberant youthful power, which sometimes expresses tender admiration and sometimes takes pleasure in unlimited joy and plays cheerfully with form”- writes Hermann Abert in his classical Mozart biography. The year 1775 was the year of violin concertos in the life of Mozart: he composed five violin concertos in just a few months, and not one before or after.

J. Haydn: “The bear” symphony

The exceptional fame and position of Haydn is very well illustrated by the fact that while he stayed on the Esterhazy estates for decades in Fertőd and Eisenstadt, his compositions were played and listened to enthusiastically in the musical capitals of Europe. Thanks to this extraordinary popularity, the leader of Concert de la Loge Olympique employing the best French musicians and supported by Queen Marie Antoinette commissioned Haydn in 1784 to compose six symphonies (which were followed later on by another three). The “Parisian symphonies” (Nos. 82–87.) were the outcome. The title “bear” was inspired by the deep sounds of the strings in the final movement.

Mussorgsky – Ravel: Pictures at an exhibition

His contemporaries praised Mussorgsky as a pianist of exceptional talent, who despite this barely composed any pieces for a piano: his true medium was the human voice. The great exception to this rule is the large-scale piano cycle entitled Pictures at an exhibition composed in 1874, which was inspired by Mussorgsky’s friend Viktor Hartmann, painter, architect and scenic designer, who died unexpectedly. The exhibition referred to in the title of the composition was organised at the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, one year after Hartmann’s death. Thanks to the colourful and spectacular instrumentation of the piece by Maurice Ravel, the composition has become one of the most frequently played concert pieces at orchestral concerts as well.


4 400 HUF / 5 700 HUF / 8 000 HUF / 13 000 HUF


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Violin concerto no.3, K.216
Joseph Haydn: Symphony no.82 „The Bear”
Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky: Pictures at an exhibition (Maurice Ravel’s arrangement)


Leonidas Kavakos


Leonidas Kavakos, conductor and violin