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About the program

Change of programme

The soloist of the Budapest Festival Orchestra’s concerts in the Palace of Arts on 18-19-20 October will be Dénes Várjon instead of Maria João Pires, who could not travel to Budapest because of a sudden illness. The programme of the concerts has also changed: in lieu of Chopin’s 2. Piano concerto we will hear Dénes Várjon’s interpretation of Mozart’s Piano Concerto in B flat major, moreover the programme will be enriched with Mozart’s Schon lacht der holde Frühling aria, in which Anna Lucia Richter will sing.

Veress: Threnos

Sándor Veress, one of the most excellent and most internationally recognised representatives of Hungarian music after Bartók, emigrated to Switzerland in 1949 for political reasons at the age of 42, at the height of his creative powers. He continued composing and teaching. Threnos is an orchestral piece he composed to pay tribute to Béla Bartók.

Brahms-Schönber: Paino quartet

In 1937 when the Brahms transcript was made, Schönberg had already been living and working in the USA for a while. In his letter to Alfred Frankenstein, critic of The San Francisco Chronicle dated in 1939, Schönberg talks about the reasons for recasting Brahms’ piece: “I like this piece. It is rarely played. It is always played badly because the better the pianist, the louder he plays, and the strings cannot be heard. I wanted everything to be audible, and I have managed to do it.”


4 400 HUF / 5 700 HUF / 8 000 HUF / 13 000 HUF

Season tickets

Solti A (2013/14), Solti B (2013/14)


Sándor Veress: Threnos (In memoriam Béla Bartók)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano concerto in B flat major, K.595
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Schon lacht der holde Frühling – concert aria, K 580
Johannes Brahms: Piano quartet (Arnold Schönberg’s rearrangement)


Iván Fischer


Dénes Várjon, piano
Anna Lucia Richter, soprano