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About the program

The orchestra led by Iván Fischer organises initiatives to reach young people and young adults who are more accustomed to enjoying the night life, initiatives that cast off the elegant constraints of traditional concert halls. The orchestra’s now traditional midnight concerts were created for young people who are open, love art and special experiences, and of course, don’t go to sleep too early.

It became clear on the very first occasion that the BFO had really nailed it with this new type of concert. The concert begins almost at midnight, tickets are issued for beanbags, you don’t have to dress up, and the audience not only enjoys thehighest quality of musical performance, they also get short, clear and entertaining information the works, which facilitate a better understanding of the music heard.



1 200 HUF


Two operas by Ivan Fischer
The Red Heifer  


Iván Fischer


Iván Fischer, conductor, composer, director
Nora Fischer
Matthias Kadar
Kobra ensemble
Márk Horváth (MR Children's Choir)
Kyra Varga (MR Children's Choir)
Jonatán Kovács
György Kozma
József Gyabronka
Szabolcs Thuróczy
Orsolya Sáfár
Krisztián Cser
Zoltán Megyesi
Tamás Altorjay
Tamás Ascher, director
Krisztina Székely, director
Györgyi Szakács, costume designer
Nóra Patrícia Kovács, scenic designer
Vári Bertalan, choreographer