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About the program

Nejtek: … your heart stops … you continue writing

The title chosen by the composer born in 1977 is two lines from Raymond Carver’s poem: Your Dog Dies. “The composition is a dialogue with the poetry of Raymond Carver and my reflections. (…) I have no idea what this is, what it was going to be or what it expresses. But I hope this will all be clear soon”, the composer said in his notes accompanying the composition.

Smolka: Rush Hour in Celestial Streets

Smolka born in 1959 is a prominent figure of Czech music life. His 2007 composition entitled Rush (Hour in Celestial Streets) is “poetical idea of angels sitting in their angel-like cars and sounding their horns, reminding us of Jericho’s trumpets”.

Hořínka: Shirei ahava

Slavomír Hořínka born in 1980 is one of the most successful composers of his generation. His piece Shirei Ahava for trumpet, strings and piano was composed in 2004.

Ondřej Adámek: Ça tourne ça bloque

Wajsar: 8 Movements for a Fan

This melodrama of the Czech composer born in 1978 was inspired by Paul Claudel’s philosophical “fan” poetry. The breakdown of the performers for 8 Sentences on Fan composed for a reader and a small ensemble is more or less identical to that of the orchestra needed to perform Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale.




3 400 HUF / 4 200 HUF / 6 000 HUF


Michal Nejtek: … your heart stops … continue writing
Martin Smolka: Rush Hour in Celestial Streets
Slavomír Hořínka: Shirei Ahava
Ondřej Adámek: Ça tourne ça bloque
Petr Wajsar: 8 Movements for a Fan


Peter Vrábel


Laurent Winkler, prose