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About the program

Vejvanovský: Harmonia Romana

Pavel Josef Vejvanovský (1633–1693) Czech composer, trumpet player and chorus master. We know his approximately one hundred, mostly ecclesiastical and instrumental compositions, which have been preserved in the archives of Kroměřiz castle in east Moravia and the National Museum in Prague. Vejvanovský’s compositional style is influenced by the Viennese and Venetian Baroque, the beauty of his melodies and the colourful masterly instrumentation is fascinating for the listener even centuries later.

Zelenka: Soprano arias; Capriccio No. 5.

Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679–1745) is the most significant composer of the Czech Baroque. He served in the court in Dresden for decades, and was adored by Bach and Telemann. He acquired a reputation as the virtuoso violone player of the royal orchestra. His contemporaries adored him for the boldness of his music in terms of harmony and dynamics. His oratory entitled Sub olea pacis was composed in 1723. His five capriccios are the highlights of his significant instrumental oeuvre.

J. J. Benda, F. Benda and J. A. Benda

The Czech Benda family played an extraordinary role in the history of German music for 250 years. The oldest son, František (Franz) Benda made a remarkable career as a (concert master), and author of eighty violin sonatas and fifteen violin concertos in the Potsdam Orchestra of Frederick the Great. His younger brother, Jan Jiří (Johann Georg) Benda played the violin and the viola in the same orchestra, and was also known as a composer. The career of Jiří Antonín (Georg Anton) Benda also started in the court of Frederick, he earned a significant reputation as an author of melodramas: his melodramas also influenced Mozart, who held his older colleague in high esteem.


3 400 HUF / 4 200 HUF / 6 000 HUF


Pavel Josef Vejvanovský: Harmonia Romana
Jan Dismas Zelenka: Arias for soprano and orchestra from Sub Oleo Pacis et Palma Virtutis
Jan Dismas Zelenka: Capriccio V
Jan Jiři Benda: Violin Concerto in G major
František Benda: Italian Arias (L’Onda che mormora tra spnda e sponda&Non posso che amare sembianze
Jiři Antonín Benda: Sinfonia VII in D major


Nicholas McGegan


Dominique Labelle, soprano
Sigrid T’Hooft, baroque gestures
Zeke Edit, costume