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About the program

WüdaraMusi was formed by six conservatory students in Vienna in 2008. All the members hail from the Alps and brought with them the musical traditions of the mountains – so that it was never in doubt for a moment what kind of music they would play. At the same time, their repertoire includes not only traditional Alpine music, but also Viennese songs and arrangements of hit tunes. Their style is made distinctive by the rhythmic foundations provided by tuba, harp and Alpine button accordion, and the melodies played on two bass trumpets and flugelhorn. The members of the group play in a number of other ensembles on the Austrian world music scene, ensuring that their fame can spread quickly. Last year, they made successful appearances at major local festivals such as Woodstock der Blasmusik and the Spielberg Musikfestival. Their recordings receive frequent radio airplay, while their live performances have graced numerous Austrian TV shows.

More information: mupa.hu