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About the program

Thomas Bernhard is one of the internationally best known authors from this year’s guest country of the European Bridges festival at Müpa Budapest and also has a considerable following in Hungary. It is by no means a coincidence therefore that the festival programme as part of the Literarium series will pay tribute to the life’s work of this giant of sceptical world literature, the personality of this unshakably pessimistic Austrian author and his unique writing style. The event will draw inspiration from Glenn Gould, the hero of the novel Der Untergeher (The Loser) and world-famous pianist celebrated for his legendary interpretations of Bach. The evening takes the form of a song recital – except that the songs will be Bernhard monologues delivered by outstanding actors as a form of energetic, passionate and impossibly disturbed prose aria that it is almost impossible to remain unaffected by. The evening, on which Gábor Máté and Judit Pogány will be joined by other actors from the Örkény and Katona József Theatre, will be directed by László Bagossy, one of Bernhard’s most knowledgeable Hungarian interpreters.

More information and tickets: mupa.hu


2 300 HUF


Tibor Keresztury, editor
László Bagossy, director