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About the program

In 2014, this all-female band from Vienna won the Austrian World Music Award, building on the flood of high praise they had already received in the press. “Fresh and audacious, bringing new meaning to the Girl Power movement,” was one typical assessment. Three of the members came to Austria from the Balkans: viola player Jelena Popržan hails from Serbia, guitarist Ljubinka Jokić from Bosnia and drummer Maria Petrova from Bulgaria, while the only bassist Lina Neuner and regular guest cellist DeeLinde are “echte” Austrians. Their roots largely determine their musical influences, but besides arrangements of Balkan songs their repertoire also extends to English Gypsy tunes (Ewan MacColl), German (Brecht/Weill) and radical Austrian (Georg Kreisler), all naturally delivered in their own rousing folk-rock style. In short, this group is truly astounding, knowing everything about the world they come from, as well as the one where they’re headed. They beat their own path: wild, free and totally professional.

More information: mupa.hu