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About the program

Brass band Federspiel was formed in 2004 in Krems, Lower Austria, by students of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Initially, the band played arrangements of folk music from Austria and Central Europe, but they would soon hit upon the distinctive sound which set them apart from other brass bands in the region, and even from the concept of world music in general. As far as musical styles and geographical regions are concerned, their unquenchable thirst for free expression knows no boundaries. Consequently, improvisation and constant experimentation has become as much a characteristic of their playing as the influences of local musical traditions, the mazurka, Hungarian csárdás, Mexican mariachi, military marches, pop and contemporary music alike. The only thing that remains a given is their sense of humour. Thanks to their concert appearances and records (Live im Wiener Musikverein, Unerhört BUMM!), Federspiel are now one of the biggest draws in Austria today.

More information: mupa.hu