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About the program

For the Budapest Festival Orchestra, “music for all” is not an empty phrase, but a specific aim. The orchestra has recently organised a number of events where those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend the beautiful concerts of the Festival Orchestra in concert halls could also enjoy the magic of music. The project in abandoned synagogues is a new initiative the BFO will work closely with Rabbi Slomó öves, Executive Rabbi of EMIH Unified Hungarian Jewish Congregation. Audiences at the synagogue concerts will be invited to enjoy pieces by Leo Weiner, Betty Olivero and Felix Mendelssohn, then Rabbi Slomó Köves’s review of history and a subsequent discussion before tasting some Jewish food. The BFO seeks to raise awareness of Jewish heritage and to educate local communities of the diversity that was once prevalent throughout Hungary. These events aim to enlighten, share and acknowledge Jewish history in an engaging and inclusive manner for all Hungarians.

While the concert is free, there is limited capacity at the venue and so tickets have to be requested:
via email: ticket@bfz.huat Tourinform in Keszthely (Kossuth Lajos utca 30., +36 83 314 144)




Leó Weiner: Divertimento Op. 20
Betty Olivero: “Der Golem” Zeks Yiddisce Lied und Tantz
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Notturno

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