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About the program

“Music should belong to everyone” The original meaning of Zoltán Kodály’s much quoted statement, which is often taken out of context, is nearly lost. “Music Belongs to Everyone” is also the title of a compilation of his theoretical writings published in 1954. The quotation that so succinctly summarises the objectives of Kodályian musical education is also an excellent description of the philosophy and community programmes of Budapest Festival Orchestra. Similarly to other leading symphonic orchestras around the world, the ensemble is committed to educating its young audience and to bringing its music to those who have little or no opportunity to attend its concerts. This ambition reached a new milestone in the last season.
During the community week in June 2014, the globally acclaimed orchestra embarked on a new path to forging closer ties with its audience.

The Budapest Festival Orchestra is now continuing on that path by visiting venues including churches, nursing homes and SOS Children’s Villages across Hungary to make predominantly ecclesiastical music available in an authentic setting to audiences who only have limited access to concerts.

Many children lose their homes because of deaths of relatives, physical or psychological abuse or the breakup of their family. The SOS children’s villages were established to offer a home and love to children who are deprived of their birth family. The Budapest Festival Orchestra would like to do what it can to make the lives of such disadvantaged children more pleasurable and more fulfilling, which is why it will give concerts in three children’s villages in Kőszeg, Battonya and Kecskemét within one week.


Fritz Kreisler: Marche Miniature Viennoise
Dénes Ágay: Five Easy Dances – excerpts (Polka, Tango, Bolero, Rumba)
Camille Saint-Saens:  The elephant
Johann Sebastian Bach: Badinerie
La Tuba (traditional Brasil dancemusic)
Henry Mancini: The Pink Panther
William J. Schinstine: Rock Trap


András Hábetler


Tímea Iván, violin
Erika Illési, violin
Miklós Bányai, viola
Péter Szabó, cello
Zsolt Fejérvári, double bass
Fruzsina Varga, flute
Beáta Berta, oboe
Rudolf Szitka, clarinet
Dávid Bereczky, horn
Dániel Tallián, bassoon
Balázs Szakszon, trombone
Mariann Krasznai, trombone
Norbert Zakó, trombone
József Bazsinka, tuba
László Herboly, percussions
Gáspár Szente, percussions
István Kurcsák, percussions
Boglárka Fábry, percussions
Dzhanda Vitaliy, percussions