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About the program

Each year, the Budapest Festival Orchestra makes every effort to take our music out of the confines of the concert hall. The orchestra introduces unique variations of concerts, performing at ever more unconventional venues to build fresh ties with new audiences. We turn up wherever we can be of assistance; streets, schools, hospitals, orphanages and prisons. It is the orchestra’s aim to allow the positive effects and extraordinary powers of music to be experienced by people who, for financial, social or other reasons, cannot otherwise enjoy them.

During Community Week, we are going to be making music in child-care institutions as well as in abandoned synagogues, churches and nursing homes. The Budapest Festival Orchestra see it as a top priority to organise programmes accessible to all, from the youngest children to young adults as well as for our regular audiences. It has not escaped the orchestra’s attention that there are many underprivileged children who have never held an instrument in their hands, who have still to experience the mesmerising sensation of a live concert performance. We want them to be a part of the magic. In April 2015 we will be visiting the Pető Institute as well as two rural schools.

This concert is a private event.