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Season tickets (and tickets for performances not included in the season tickets) are available from 18 March (Friday). Tickets for concerts included in season tickets are available from 23 May (Monday).


All tickets can be purchased online at www.bfz.hu and www.jegymester.hu.

By mail, fax and email

Address: 1033 Budapest, Polgár utca 8-10., building B
Fax: +36 1 355 4049
E-mail: rendeles@bfz.hu

In person at the BFO office

Address: 1033 Budapest, Polgár utca 8-10., building B
Opening hours: between 10am and 4pm on working days 

We accept credit/debit cards, SZÉP cards, Erzsébet card, Sodexho card or culture vouchers, Erzsébet gift/leisure vouchers, and Ticket Culture & Sport vouchers.

At ticket offices

Single and season tickets can also be purchased nationwide through Jegymester.hu ticket offices, and from our orchestra’s specialist vendors at:

  • Müpa Budapest, ticket office (District IX, Komor Marcell u. 1., Tel.: +36 1 555 3300 and District VI, Andrássy út 28., Tel.: +36 1 555 3310)
  • Liszt Academy, ticket office (District VI, Liszt Ferenc tér 8., Tel.: +36 1 321 0690)
  • Ticket Express Ticket Office (District VI, Dalszínház u. 10., Tel.: +36 1 952 0901)
  • Rózsavölgyi Zeneműbolt (District V, Szervita tér 5., Tel.: +36 1 266 8337, opening hours: M-Sa: 12-8pm, summer opening hours between 12 July and 19 August: M-F: 2-6pm or online)