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Bridging Europe

Bridging Europe

“The European family means that every person is equally important, everybody is equally precious, that everyone has the same opportunities. There should be no distinctions made between nationality, creed, colour or origin. We are all people, we are all family members.” Iván Fischer

A joint production by the Budapest Festival Orchestra and Müpa Budapest, the Bridging Europe festival brings a special flavour to the opening of each season. The inspiration and driving force for the series has always been a specific country with a rich, colourful and significant cultural heritage. In the autumn of 2013 it was the Czechs; in 2014, German melodies took centre stage; in 2015 we could get closer to our Austrian neighbours. This year, we are giving the spotlight to the cultural fineries of France.

Besides the usual orchestral symphonies, baroque and contemporary concerts, the audience will get some lighter bites too, with jazz and world music performances. Iván Fischer’s programme selection includes the impressionist composers Debussy and Ravel; a 20th century successor to their traditions in Dutilleux; and Erik Satie, who’s known mostly for his piano compositions.

The organisers are convinced that trust and fellowship among the nations of Europe are in desperate need, and that art is a perfect means to help bring them about. As Csaba Káel, Müpa Budapest’s CEO put it: “The Bridging Europe festival draws our attention to what a rich family we belong to as members of the European community. We must get to know each others’ cultures and gain an insight into one another’s lives, in order to uncover the ground on which to build our common future.”

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