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BFO in the community – Concerts in synagogues

BFO in the community – Concerts in synagogues

Each year, the Budapest Festival Orchestra makes every effort to take our music out of the confines of the concert hall. The orchestra introduces unique variations of concerts, performing at ever more unconventional venues to build fresh ties with new audiences. We turn up wherever we can be of assistance; streets, schools, hospitals, orphanages and prisons. It is the orchestra’s aim to allow the positive effects and extraordinary powers of music to be experienced by people who, for financial, social or other reasons, cannot otherwise enjoy them.

During Community Week, we will be making music in abandoned synagogues as well as in churches, child-care

institutions and nursing homes. There used to be a thriving Jewish community in Hungary, but since the Holocaust most of the synagogues have become deserted and lost their original function. With our Synagogue Concerts, the Festival Orchestra wishes to fill the empty synagogues with life, music and culture. Tunes, stories and flavours can introduce local communities to the one-time tolerance and many colours that used to be so typical of Hungary.

You can donate the concert series at this link, in the description please select: Synagogue Concert.

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