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Pavel Joseph Vejvanovský

The Czech Pavel Josef (Paul Josef) Vejvanovský composer, trumpet player, choir master was born around 1633 in Hukvaldy (Hochwald), in Moravia and died in 1697 in Kroměřiž (Kremsier).  Vejvanovský studied with the Jesuits between 1656 and 1660 in Troppau (Opava), it was there that he met his future colleague, the renowned Heinrich  Ignaz Franz Biber. In 1664 he joined the staff of the bishop of Olomouc, he played the trumpet in the orchestra of the bishop’s summer residence, then when his predecessor and colleague Biber accepted the invitation of the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg, Vejvanovský lead the orchestra until he died. He left about a hundred compositions (masses, motets, offertory chants and hymns, vesperae and instrumental music), which are held in the archives of the Palace of Kroměřiž and in the National Museum of Prague.  Vejvanovský was conversant in several languages and possessed a rich library.

As regards his style of composing, he was influenced mostly by the baroque music of Vienna and Venice, the beauty of his melodies, the masterful orchestration of his compositions cast a spell on the listener today, centuries after his death.