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Kobra Ensemble

The Amsterdam-based Kobra Ensemble is a vocal harmony group formed by Ingrid Doude van Troostwijk, Sterre Konijn, Lea Klarenbeek, Lonneke Kegels, Pitou Nicolaes en Saskia Voorbach. For this occasion, former Kobra members Wies Goedhart and Nora Fischer join the ensemble. Since their formation in 2010, Kobra has developed a very own style of a capella singing. Their performances offer a mix of early and contemporary classical works, folk music and close harmony, always combining the beauty of the repertoire with humor and a theatrical performance.

In the Netherlands, the singers are well known to perform at main concert halls, but also at student events, cultural debates and various festivals.The ensemble also grabs every opportunity to work with other art forms. Kobra has been working with several costume designers, visual artists, video designers, composers and arrangers. By constantly searching for new challenges, not only the audience is constantly being surprised: Kobra keeps discovering new sides of herself as well.

The Kobra singers first met over ten years ago in the Netherlands Youth Choir. Since Iván Fischer’s choral works were originally written for this choir, they have been involved in the very first performances, and have been developing the pieces together with Iván Fischer ever since.