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2009 Jos van Immerseel 02 _ Alex Vanhee

Pianist, conductor, researcher, collector, music teacher: the work of Jos van Immerseel is his life and that life is music. His much-praised historical performance practice is based on a permanent dialogue between musical knowledge and specialised practice.

Jos van Immerseel is a passionate researcher and collector. With his fascinating collection of harpsichords and concert grand pianos, together representative of keyboard music from around 1700 until the first decade of the twentieth century, he systematically researches the historically-founded relationship between composition, instrument and playing technique. The approach is uncompromising: Jos van Immerseel selects the most appropriate instrument for the performance from his private collection and then takes it along to the concert hall or recording studio so that the listener, whether in the hall or through the CD player, experiences the adventure of the always unique and authentic character of the meticulously built facsimile or original instrument.

Jos van Immerseel was already being acclaimed as an excellent prima vista player in the early years of his career as a pianist. As a soloist Jos van Immerseel enjoys wide international recognition, both on the concert stage and for his CD productions. His solo CD recordings have been honoured with various prestigious awards, including the Diapason d’Or, Le Choc du Monde de la Musique, FFFF de Télérama and others.

In 1977, he conducted the now legendary performance of L’Orfeo by Claudio Monteverdi, in the company of a throng of highly-praised baroque specialistsSince then, he has gradually shifted the boundaries of his research towards classical, romantic and impressionist music.

He immersed himself in historical improvisation practices and undertook a thorough study of the use of rhetoric in music.

Jos van Immerseel is also much in demand and a popular guest as a music teacher.


As a soloist, accompanist and conductor, the work of Jos van Immerseel has already been documented in well over a hundred recordings (LPs and CDs) with Accent, Channel Classics, Sony and other record labels.