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BFO in the Community

BFO in the Community

With each passing year, the Budapest Festival Orchestra endeavours to do ever more not only for the audiences of orchestral concerts and international tours, but also for those who are unable to make it to a concert hall.

They include underprivileged young people in the countryside, who are neither familiar with nor have access to classical music; disabled children and the elderly, who often find that hearing a violin played live is the best medicine; families who cannot afford to buy tickets; new mothers who don’t have the time and the energy to attend concerts; as well as church communities and inhabitants of

small towns, villages and disadvantaged regions. In other words, anyone who might find music important.

We are therefore now organising three Community Weeks a year. We fill abandoned synagogues with klezmer melodies; play Bach cantatas in country churches; help inhabitants of nursing homes to get better with classical hits; and take Music Castle, one of our latest programmes, to the children.

Music not only lives, it thrives outside of concert halls! We go wherever we are needed.

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