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bartók maraton

The sixth music marathon of the Budapest Festival Orchestra and the Palace of Arts will feature a Hungarian composer for the first time: on 3 February, selected chamber, symphony and vocal works by Béla Bartók will be performed in eleven concerts.

In 2008 the Budapest Festival Orchestra dedicated its first marathon in the Palace of Arts to Tchaikovsky. The event consisting of eleven concerts with a special programme and a unique atmosphere, running from morning till night, was a roaring success that exceeded all expectations. Encouraged by the positive experience of the first year, in 2009 the concert organisers focused on the works of Dvořák, in 2010 on Beethoven, in 2011 on Schubert, and in 2012 the audience had the opportunity to enjoy a Mozart “marathon”. This time Ivan Fischer has chosen one of the most prominent composers of Hungarian and universal music history of the 20th century: the “hero” of the marathon on 3 February 2013 will be Béla Bartók.

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