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Yesterday I spent a little time at home after ten hours of Bach, at the end of the day. The last piece of the Bach Marathon was Magnificat performed by the BFO, Iván Fischer and the Saint Ephraim Male Choir, followed by a choral we sang together as if we had been in the Great Lutheran Church in Békéscsaba.

Fortunately, people don’t usually attend the marathons just to show their face; still, a number of times, pedantic musicians or a snobbish group of friends sit right beside you. Both groups of people tend to continue talking even after the first sounds, they can’t help finishing their sentence in a whisper, which everyone else within a metre hears too. This is annoying. Sometimes I like to wait, e.g. before a concert, but then I need silence.

Of course there was some silence yesterday, and a couple of very good concerts such as The Musical Offering performed by the Kuijken family, Brandenburg Concertos Nos. 4-6 played by a virtuoso harpsichordist (Jeremy Joseph) and three piano concertos in C major. It wasn’t easy for Zoltán Fejérvári, András Kemenes and János Palojtay, since hearing this piece, many of us think of the Schiff–Falvai–Kocsis recording, but the performance yesterday was fine too. You don’t quite understand why you should listen to anything else other than a violin when you can hear Barna Kelemen or Kristóf Baráti playing, but then you listen to Miklós Perényi anyway.

Musical offering, silence, Bach, something like that – thanks to the BFO.