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July 10, 2012, BFO Rehearsal Hall (Venue: Selmeci utca 14‐16, Budapest)

The Budapest Festival Orchestra is one of the top orchestras in the world based in Budapest with an intense touring schedule worldwide. It employs highly qualified musicians on a freelance basis.

The BFO is looking for a Bass Trombonist. We plan to invite more than one winner of the audition to work with the orchestra for certain periods in the season 2012/13. Then the chosen candidate will be offered a contract for approx. 20‐25 weeks in the following seasons.

(The musicians will get travel costs and accommodation for the projects in Budapest and on tour)


Ernst Sachse: Concert for Bass Trombone

Eugene Bozza: New Orleans for Bass Trombone

regular orchestral excerpts will be sent to the musicians after application

Please send applications until June 10th, 2012 to:

Christina Schonk (christina@gschonk.net)